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4 Frame Local Honey Bee Nuc

4 Frame Local Honey Bee Nuc

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2024 Local Established Nuc - 4 Frame Deep Langstroth

Next available in June 

The Nucleus Colony includes:

• 2+ Frames Brood,
• 1+ Frame Honey,
• 1 Frame of Drawn Comb for Laying,
• Marked ESTABLISHED, laying queen.
• An Ez Nuc box
The Nuc will have brood in all stages. The marked queen will be loose in the box to reduce stress and decrease chances of absconding. Most importantly, the queen is ESTABLISHED which means she is already accepted and proven with her excellent laying pattern.

The full price includes a $20 deposit return when you bring back the EZ Nuc box. You can keep the EZ Nuc box to create your own splits or catch swarms.

In store pick-up only at Jenny's Garden Centre, 4888 Marine Dr, Burnaby, BC V5J 3G6.
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