Terms Conditions

NUCS Terms & Conditions:

Proceeding with an order for nucs is taken as acknowledgement that the below terms and conditions have been understood and that you are in agreement with them.

If you receive a notice about your nuc and we do not hear back from you in 1 weeks, your deposit becomes non-refundable and your reservation may be canceled.

All paid reservation and purchases on live bee (nucs, packages, queens) are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-cancellable.

Once nucs are picked-up, the conditions they experience are no longer in our control. If nucs appeared healthy upon pick-up and at any later time or date negative health effects occur we do not guarantee any form of compensation or supplementation.

We will not provide any amount of refund or supplementation in cases where nucs have non-optimal outcomes after installation; for example: slowness to build-up, queens with non-optimal laying patterns, early queen supercedure, the appearance of dysentry or other symptoms of stress or illness or infestation, low productivity, etc.

Proceeding with the order of any livestock products from Jenny's Garden Honey is taken as fully acknowledging the inherent risks of livestock proximity, engagement and handling (including stings and/or any other possible injury), and the customer fully taking responsibility for these possible outcomes resulting from their engagement, proximity and handling of these livestock products. This includes acknowledging the possibility of exposure to contact with livestock where attempts have been made to minimize or eliminate such direct contact, for example in the case of packages where they are meant to be fully enclosed and self-contained. This also includes acknowledging the inherent risks in transporting of livestock and the customers full responsibility for addressing these risks.